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Marc Seliger Music Book
Самые знаменитые музыканты в объективе Марка Селигера
2990.00 РУБ.

Like a great piece of rock music, an artful photograph is part harmony and part unexpected chaos. Mark Seliger is an artist who chronicles the music world and transposes its idioms to the photographic medium. The result is unexpected yet carefully composed. Fresh, lively and original, his style adapts itself to his subjects. Not overly mannered, his images crackle with life and—dare one say it—beauty. Since the 80s Mark Seliger has photographed music's most celebrated artists, including The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige and P. Diddy. These iconic images, as well as never before seen photos, comprise Mark Seliger: The Music Book. The collection spans Seliger's work over the past twenty years. As chief photographer of Rolling Stone he shot more than 130 covers. "There was a window in music and it happened that I was there," he said of his proximity to his subjects. "When I take a photo, I think, this is my last chance - this is it - that's my mantra." Seliger lives in New York City and has been a contributing photographer for GQ and vanity Fair since 2002.